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Shanxi Carbon Industry Co., Ltd., the Type A company granted by Chinese Customs due to good credit records, is a specialist supplier of Activated Carbons located in the carbon production base-Shanxi, China. Since 1993, we have served the international Activated Carbons markets with our well-recognized products. Our products include full range of Activated Carbons and anthracite filter media widely used by our Clients in the areas of water & air purification and treatment, food & beverage, catalysts, pharmaceutical, chemical & petro-chemical and etc., bituminous & anthracite coal-based Activated Carbons are produced by vertical activation furnaces and are in the forms of granular, powder and extruded. We have been dedicated to raw-material sourcing, stable production, new products R&D, mature quality-control, packaging, on-time & smooth shipments, various value-added & technical services of pre and after-sales to utmost satisfy our Clients' updated needs in different situations with our quantity & cost-effective Activated Carbons. We sincerely hope all our Clients will develop better and better by sincere & stable cooperating with us and welcome to visit our factories!


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